Nutrition Services for Sport

Improving performance in sport can happen in many different areas. Proper nutrition can help in many of them. Sports nutrition is able to address challenges around fuelling for sport, developing muscle mass, cutting weight, and many more.

Not all challenges are directly related to sports performance but are no less critical. For example, having challenges with digestion such as excessive gas or bloating, diarrhea, or constipation will lead to poorer performance in sport as well as negatively affecting your quality of life. These challenges can be addressed through working with a Registered Dietitian.

Another important area for performance in sport and wellbeing is mental health. Challenges around not eating enough for sport, obsessive thoughts around food, extreme picky eating, and many other challenges can be helped by working with a Registered Dietitian. If this is an area that you’d like to learn more about click here.

Do You Have Insurance?

Dietitian services are covered by most insurance plans . Check with your plan administrator to see if you have coverage.

We are able to work with most insurance providers to handle the claims process. We can discuss it more detail once you’ve booked your first session.


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