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Optimizing Nutrition to Support High Performance

Sports Nutrition

Maximize performance by fuelling for your sport. By using sports nutrition principles Registered Dietitian Robert Thomas can help you or your athlete overcome performance roadblocks, improve performance, and enjoy food.

Disordered Eating and Eating Disorder Support

Did you know that athletes struggle with disordered eating and eating disorders at a greater rate than the general population? Sometimes things can get off track and lead to a greater risk of injury, decreasing performance, and harm to wellbeing. Challenges can range from extreme picky eating, fixating on "clean" eating, not eating enough, and more. Eating disorder support is available to athletes as well as non-athletes. Registered Dietitian Robert Thomas can be a part of the treatment plan to improve wellbeing, health, and performance.

Promoting Healthy Digestion

Athletes can get tripped up by lots of challenges. One of those challenges can be gut troubles. Registered Dietitian Robert Thomas will work with you or your athlete to find what needs to change to make eating more enjoyable and less disruptive to daily living and athletic performance.

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We are able to work with most insurance providers to handle the claims process. We can discuss it more detail once you've booked your first session.
Dietitian services are covered by most insurance plans . Check with your plan administrator to see if you have coverage.


Mindful and Nourished is a nutrition services clinic that specializes in working with youth and young adults.
Working with Registered Dietitian Robert Thomas you or your athlete will solve nutrition challenges to unlock better performance and peace of mind around food.

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