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Hi, I'm Robert

I’m a Registered Dietitian based in London, Ontario. Welcome to Mindful and Nourished!

It’s not simply a matter of willpower to always make good choices. The odds are stacked against each and every one of us to tempt is to make  poor ones.

Over time, these things will push us into a life we don’t want.

Do you want to push back?

I offer nutrition counselling and coaching uniquely tailored to your wants and needs. We all need to eat and I can teach you the skills and mindset to enjoy what you want to eat. Control food instead of letting it control you.

I work with people locally in London, Ontario and across Canada through my nutrition videoconferencing service.

Work with me and I will be your coach to empower you to make healthful choices, build a positive relationship with all foods, and help you become the master.

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Registered Dietitian: Robert Thomas MSc, RD

I’m the dietitian that you’ll be working with to better your life. I also write the nutrition blog here at Mindful and Nourished. Learn more about me and my food philosophy.

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